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Histories sell... while details bore!!!

24 de marzo 2004

Histories sell while details bore!!! Success relies on knowing how to mix them up?

If time was considered to be accounted or measured after the most wonderful and popular story of all times...

Why do we have to stick to old stories that chain us to old results/old times?

Hey! If Mel Gibson might get 300 million dollars for showing us in "The passion" , in BULLET TIME, how blood goes out from everywhere ...Why can't we just play with our minds to make stories that would literally fill our souls instead of just satifying our need of GORE!!!?!?!?

BTW.. can someone please investigate how many liters of blood were really spilled along in the movie?!?!? send them to Damn! Don't we die when we loose two or something?!?!?

In the other hand, being in MEXICO for god's sake! (he he ) how do you dare show this!!! ha ha ha .. even our brightest and prepared people seemed to be repenting in a tortous way or something. A friend of mine said "So you can see at least a bit of how he suffered for us?!?!?" WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!? I almost punch him in the mouth for that.

The need to know that a great great man, sent by god, (or whatever your BELIEVES are!, no disrespect) had to die horribly for us just don't makes sense for me. Really. That's horribly stupid and passive.

For all of those that felt this like shitty. Sorry. You will see that I have a very special connection with GOD along the way (blog). Hope you really get to see it. For those that not, well... yeah yeah! Im whatever u like it to be! At least I write about it and make gods everyday! Gods in which I believe. God's that come from deep inside to at least show me a message... wasn't that all our need?!!??! Isn't that just one more name for Buddha, Alà, Evo, Christ, Skeeshna or something?!?!??

Or is it really the bullet time sufferer better than the cholesterol filled good ol' progressive thinking man???

Hey! Doesn't matter. We definately have got to stick to something. It exists either way.... our problem?!?!?!??

YOU NEVER REALLY LET HIM OUT. 'Cause you haven't been able to reach it from "within".

Until SIGUR ROS - SYNDIR GUS song eats my heart out....


PD: Aren't all our comics and graphic novels somehow part of this??!?! Aren't they our earthly gods searching for their part in the biggest of all stories?!?!?

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