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Friday in my car, Sat. in a sofa, Sun. with her

22 marzo 2004

Friday in my car, Sat. in a sofa, Sun. with her

The beginning of an interesting habit... and maybe a mess! What the heck!

My first KoK weekend described along with some details that might affect some main characters in the "Ftto" project! ha ha ... everything under the influence of a no-sleep-night and 2 expresso shots.


The first time I ever write a blog. (Why Blog and not log?!!? Can someone explain that to me please??!?!?! ... searching mode.)

I hope this format is well used Padilla.. so please punish me if it isnt.

In retrospective, my weekends are a great darn adventure per-se. Guess somehow they are part of our latest project, and may reflect in it eventually. Friday was a great workday for Consultcorp (One of my 3 businesses, check ) my team had interesting sales and some checks came in. Frankly... that gives me air and more time to spend with my KoK team!

Friday night?!?!? ha! Crazy Night! She seemed to know exactly what I needed and made me laugh a lot; didn't show to be a a great dancer but good enough for a classic Sergio's birthday party. I was so tired by the end of the night, that believe it or not.. YES... i slept at my car!!! ha ha ha .. guess my wonderful, huge and almighty bed is still no "motif" for me.

Early in the morning (6:45 AM!) I woke up and got back to the office in order to confirm KoK's members registration in our PAS (Project Admnistration System) , uploaded some projects and files and prepared the rest of the documentation that I needed to present in the weekly KoK meeting. The KoK G4 (KoK Founders group) was incomplete, obviously because we had Eve taking care of Dante. It was a great meeting, a lot of advance was seen and loved their eyes when they saw 2 of our main characters printed in photopaper!!! Guys, we are ready for it! But lets make it happen faster!!! Comicon is waiting!

We spend a great evening with Eve, met Dante and saw the instant-love-eyes that only god can put in Estelas face everytime she sees him. God I really love to see that.

KoK Brothers were as always ready to keep on working, specially KoK brother Polo, I admire your work kid!... along with it and as a brake we saw, "Underground" the movie ! God what a movie! -Isnt Selene great I mean?!?!? I don't want to mention the details of that night, but imagine a combination of a homeparty a disco flocked with mature gorgeous women hanging around us and a night in the sofa because a friend of mine got "crazy" with a non-so-cute lady that almost stayed over! Fuck.... !

Anyway... SUNDAY.. what a SUNDAY!

It was an awsome morning after kicking them out of my space, READ MARK MILLARS ULTIMATES -Patriotic??!?!?!? and stinky sometimes.. but still quite good, enjoyed the raid! I saw BLOOD (awsome japanese vampire series! Imagine me naked in an apollo sort-of-greek-statue-postion (LoL ...) , with my projector and great sound! What an experience!) Fell asleep after it finished but not without confirming that i would see her at 9:30!!!! F... If it wasn't because I fell asleep I would have felt it like an eternity.

I shouldn't be devoting many lines to her maybe, but hey! its worth it. She arrived at 9! Did I mention how great is to see her eyes and feel her non-so-naive tenderness?!?!? Well it is. Guess what she brought?!!? THE UNDERWORLD DVD again! ha .. isn't that a coincidence i needed to see it again! I confess it KoK Bro's!!! This was much better that the first time! 2 Shots of coffee box expresso's and 2 weirdo shakes got us along a wonderful night! Hey... a night creature I am.. a night creature she is... what else can I ask for?!?!?!? Somehow Craig David's "Rendevous" got along and the rest of the night flew away while I worked at the KoK Site while hearing David Seaman's mix that ends up with the most beautiful GORECKI! from Lamb... is that a KoK Song or What!!!! 4 Those of you who wonder that it might have been her fault... mhmmmmm... It wasn't her.. it was the virus that she left along! ha ha...;) hey... KoK capitalized from that! believe me. Although page 10 of "Ftto" and jeziel's drafts keep looking at me in amazement.

Until next time...

KoK Yorgenmeister.

PS: Did I mention I didn't even sleep a bit?!?!? Gosh I feel great. LoL.

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