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Hemos perdido nuestro barco o todavia estamos a tiempo?

Startup Success Guide

Startup Success Guide - Tuesday, May 12, 2009 10:31 - 1 Comment

Little did I know…

Here I am toiling away, and I get this email PR:

Hello,, the world’s first speed dating Web site, is the first major dating site to launch an Android application that offers portable, immediate and 24-hour access to the millions of singles engaged in online dating.  According to a poll by Yankelovich Partners, 81 percent of employed consumers feel the need to simplify their lives. By downloading the free application to your Android, users can leave their computer screens and be able to message dates throughout the day no matter their location.


I’ve missed the boat. Again. While I could have been digitally connecting with missjanelle9, I’ve been busy writing The Web Startup Success Guide and Both of which will be useful and significant, but fun? Ha! Not to mention raised in 2007 and 2008 a total of $8.6 million in VC funding, now there are over 160,000 speed dates a day and has supposedly millions of members online at any given time..

Seriously, the Mobile platform is taking off like a Saturn V rocket. Apple opened the App Store about 9 months ago and now there’s over 25,000 iPhone apps that have been downloaded one billion times. Google Android has a store too - - and Eric Chu, the Google Mobile Platforms Program Manager, whom I interviewed for the book makes a strong case that Apple is by no means going to be the only breakout mobile platform in the next 18 months.

For so many years, writing software was hard work about serious stuff. New platforms, new technologies, new societal values means there’s lucrative software to be written above and beyond - and maybe beneath and under - all of the traditional software categories.

Something to think about on your next speed date.

Iphone... app store..

ahora android...

Estaremos perdiendo el barco?

O todavia nos podemos meter a la competencia encarnizada de 25000 aplicaciones .. (que les gusta 95% de ellas en ingles o mas?)

La barrera del idioma no nos dará a nosotros el 95% de oportunidad mas como para encontrar un nicho... si mucho mas pequeño... pero sí .. rentable al fin y al cabo?

En definitivo el app store, tanto de android como de iphone, son como amazon que pueden darle al publico y mundo entero la posibliidad de tener acceso, tanto a creadores como compradores, del "long tail" de las aplicaciones. Ha de haber por ahi alguien que quiera aplicaciones para iphone para calcular feng shui en español! y que no se venda a .99c de dolar?

No sería esto interesante si nos pusieramos las pilas como desarrolladores mexicanos o hubiera un estudio que haga apps, juegos o crapware para latinos?

Mucho que responder, mucho que explorar..

qué opinan?

y uds. qué están haciendo al respecto?



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