viernes, 19 de junio de 2009

Innovar a costa de todo?... necesitamos más ojo para el diseño.

by Devin Coldewey on June 18, 2009

Probably because there are a few design issues with it. Although the Node outlet is very stylish-looking and certainly an elegant solution to the too-many-plugs problem, a moment’s reflection brings up a few serious issues. In fact, they got nailed by the commenters at BBG almost instantaneously. Can you spot what’s wrong?

  1. Toddlers are free to stick butter knives, forks, hairpins, and pretty much anything thin into the slot. Not to mention you’re supposed to touch it, yet it is at the same time an incredibly dangerous item. Modern outlets are almost all designed to be accessible only by an actual two- or three-pronged plug. Which brings us to out next problem:
  2. Uh, what about grounded plugs? Your PC, TV, monitor, and many other household electical doodads would be SOL with this thing.
  3. It looks good naked (kind of like… never mind), but what about when it’s got four different-colored plugs going at different directions with curly wires going off every direction? The best part about this design is hidden as soon as you start using it — the opposite of what good design should do.

So, points for innovation, but I doubt you’ll be seeing these at your local designer furnishings store any time soon.

Cualquiera que lo viera lo hubiera pensado maravilloso no?

Pero falto ver los riesgos y demás áreas que van mas allá del emocionómetro de ver algo "que me hubiera gustado haberlo pensado yo".

Kung-fu design.. pero sin cabeza y otras dimensiones no da innovación entonces?

ke opinan?

sigamos descubriendo...e innovando.



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